Work and consumption as the meaning of life

Centralization and conformity

Digitized relationships

Surveillance instead of security

Evaporating democracy

Political standardization

A whole world in debt

An old order on the way out?




"People's assembly", "People's climate march", "Umbrella movement", "Million Mask March", protests against the European Union, "Ferguson Day of rage"; the list of names is endless as the steady stream of protests and demonstrations flows on. New record figures appear continuously regarding the number of people protesting in the world. The establishment in the western world reports sparingly about these events and, to an even lesser degree, presents any credible analysis.

The growing protest culture, having spread to almost every part of the world, is so diverse, organized by so many different social movements and triggered by such a multitude of events that at a glance it seems impossible to draw any conclusions regarding the reason for this synchronous lust for rebellion.

There is, however, one thing that has developed alongside the protests: a widespread and corresponding change in global culture.

The new cold winds, the trends of recent years, have created a standardized consumer culture within our societies; a centralization of corporate power with more business conglomerates; less political influence for people as decisions as well as democracy have been further removed from them; an increased digitization of human relations; tired out and less reflective people as a result of the constantly screwed-up demands on economic growth and an old working culture in new guise; a widened gap between rich and poor; the intensified state surveillance of citizens and their waning integrity and dignity.

Two worlds are standing face to face, the movement of two opposing forces and a global collision is what we are witnessing right now.

On one side is traditional western power, dominated by economic growth; the engine with its insatiable demand for ever-increasing speed that runs our society.

On the other side, there are new thoughts and insights on the need for an alternative society; a different type of growth; a concept of happiness other than the everlasting circulation of wage-earning and consumption. Thoughts and discussions are growing stronger and stronger among environmentally conscious people, economists, political analysts and, not least, among people throughout the western world. Awareness of our corruptible communities is gradually entering people's minds.

Colliding Worlds describes the "old world", it presents a connected-dots-structure where the most influential instances form the western civilization so that the "system" rather than the citizens is being served.

What is this accelerating new world culture that uniforms politics into a gray middle-ideological-mass, where politicians serves central banks and despise referendums, where main stream media are centralized into conglomerates and uses the same arguments and presents the same view of the world as politicians or capitalists? What happened to democracy?

Colliding Worlds paints a new world, it discusses the new kind of activists who rejects the old paradigm of left and right politics, activists that grasps a bigger picture and heads straight for the power-structures themselves, the new activist that emphasize the human rather than the system.

Colliding Worlds proudly chooses to go its own way - a different way. We are looking for change. We want to move on and hope that you wish to share our journey; man’s journey towards renewal where change is a way of life and not something to sit and wait for.

Mats Sederholm & Linda Bjuvgård


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We are Mats Sederholm (born 1957) and Linda Bjuvgård (born1973) and we live together close to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.


We are public debaters and system critics and have written several books and articles in Swedish. In 2009, we published Robotfolket (The robotic people), a fictional adventure interwoven with social criticism. In 2013 Mats released Do the Right Thing which, among other issues, deals with that of standing up for the truth, and also describes the resistance that an activist working toward a better world all too often encounters in society.

Since childhood we have been aware of ruling strategies and authorities inflicting injustice and subservience on people in their everyday lives; standards that oppress people and create a violent and dangerous society.

Outside our writing and social engagement we live conventional lives with children and jobs, giving us necessary contact with the reality that we describe and wish to change.

Colliding Worlds is our first book to be released in both Swedish and English. Our aim is to continue to help perpetuate an increasing awareness of system faults and standards which prevent human development.

In our view, a different world is possible.



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